Amber MP3 Player App

The Amber MP3 Player is a brand new online App, completely independent, with nothing to download. It’s capable of playing all your MP3 Subliminal and Hypnosis tracks.

This helpful app is playable and compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices.

Simply, download our Subliminal MP3s of your choice from the Submissive Girls online directory and play as many programs as you like using the Amber MP3 player playlist feature.

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Submissive Girls is your best bet to train your girlfriend, wife or even a slave girl in the ways of submission and complete obedience. You can download unlimited subliminal MP3s directly from Submissive Girls’ online directory.

When you join Submissive Girls for a small membership fee, you become an exclusive Prime member with full access to everything you need for training the girl of your dreams.

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3. Get the Amber MP3 Player App for playing all of your Subliminal MP3’s.  The App is completely independent and playable in web browsers, with nothing to download.

How The Subliminal MP3’s Works:

While listening to the following Spa Music, White Noise, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and one other is a barely unnoticeable background called “Silents”, the subliminal messages remain undetectable to conscious hearing, but are fully picked up by the girl’s subconscious mind. The subliminal messages will influence her thoughts encouraging submissive and obedient habit forming behavior, so you will be able to train your wife, girlfriend or even a slave girl as you so please.

Want to know what Subliminal MP3 is available in Live Demo from Submissive Girls?

l I am a Good Girl – Subliminal (Spa Music)
Use this subliminal program she will want to be a good girl for you.

She will want to obey you.
She will be easy to please.

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