Amber MP3 Player Instructions

How to Use

To use your Amber MP3 Player App do the following:

1. Click on the Plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner. This should open up a file folder with your Subliminal or Hypnosis MP3. If the required folder isn’t open, be sure to select it from your device.

2. Select the Subliminal or Hypnosis MP3 you want to play. (Note: this App will only work with MP3 Player files) Double-Click to add the Subliminal or Hypnosis MP3 to your playlist.

If desired, multiple Subliminal or Hypnosis MP3’s can be added to play in repeat.

3. Push or click on play to start your music. When the first Subliminal or Hypnosis the second MP3 will automatically start. When the list is done, the playlist will revert back to the first MP3 file on the list.

4. When done, press (C) or just close out the App.

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