Amber The Submissive Wife Story 101

Jake and Amber, a young, twenty-year-old girl, have been married for the past six months. Things started out great in their relationship—the pair had really hit it off! When Jake and Amber had first met, she was a very sweet and understanding girl. However, everything began to change after their two-week honeymoon when they moved in together…

Jake’s high maintenance wife requires a lot of attention. Amber’s the type of girl who enjoys expensive, luxury items and is always seeking the next best thing. This wasn’t always an issue, as when Amber and Jake first started living together she was doing freelance work online. However, she grew tired of it after a few months and Jake ended up having to support them both.

Things started to go downhill slowly. Amber had transformed from being a very sweet girl into a snotty brat who was always telling Jake what to do and wanting his attention all the time. Loving each other wasn’t the issue, but Jake had had enough of Amber’s bratty mannerisms. Not only that, but he was also sick and tired of buying expensive things every week that they couldn’t afford, such as the brand new 40″ Sony Bravia TV from Best Buy that was delivered to his apartment one afternoon while he was at work…

This was the last straw!

“Does Amber think I’m made of money?” Jake pondered to himself, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited in the dreadfully long line at Best Buy since he had to take time out of his busy schedule to return that expensive television. The thought raced through his mind continuously, leaving a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.

On the way home from returning the television, Jake was seriously considering kicking Amber out, but deep down he still loved her. Nevertheless, something had to be done about her behavior. He couldn’t go on like this!

When he arrived home, Jake sat in his truck and began browsing the Internet, conducting a Google search for “wife training.”

There has to be a solution, he thought quietly, browsing through his Google search for “wife training” and “training girls.”

Suddenly, he stumbled upon the website “Submissive Girls MP3—subliminal messages for training girls in submission and obedience!” As he read through the website, it seemed like it just may be the answer to all of Jake’s problems and would enable him to train Amber to be his submissive wife who was willing to love, honor, and obey him faithfully.

Awhile later, after reading through the positive reviews at, Jake didn’t hesitate to join Submissive Girls. After seeing how the subliminal MP3’s have helped other men train their wives in submission, he knew this was the solution he needed.

Training his wife to be submissive was on the top of his list.

Jake eagerly joined the Submissive Girls Prime Membership, which gave him unlimited access to subliminal MP3 downloads for a one-time payment, in addition to plenty of other services that are exclusive to Prime members only.